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What is The Rainbowland Metaverse?

⚜️ The Rainbowland Metaverse, social gaming platform, comprises a map made up of 100,000 Lands and estates. Owners can host contests, events or businesses. The Rainbowland are a collection of handcrafted NFTs, native to Rainbowland Metaverse. The collection consists of Rainbowland concept characters, designed with fantasy.
⚜️ Rainbowland is an blockchain-powered Virtual Universe, developed and owned by Community and Users, who can create, and monetize content and assets. Join a community of Rainbowland Metaverse inhabitants who are building the alternate reality economy and infrastructures on the blockchain.
⚜️ Metaverse Features: get lands, estates and assets, host businesses, receive payments for advertisement, hangout with friends, make a weekends party, receive Metaverse currencies.
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