Welcome to The Rainbowland's official documentation and help resource.

What is The Rainbowland Metaverse?

⚜️ Hi! I'm a beautiful archipelago of continents & islands in the endless Ocean of The Rainbowland Metaverse.
⚜️ Social gaming platform, comprises a map made of lands & homes.
⚜️ The Rainbowland is an blockchain-powered Virtual Universe with different Worlds: The City, Rainbowhill, Cartoonville, Desert, Gatsbyville, Frozenville, Desert, Medieval, Factory, Departures, Celebrity, Voxelville & Pixelville, Oceania, Seaside, Lakeside & Riverside.
⚜️ Deep dive into the Metaverse Ecosystem of limitless possibilities & earn rewards such as Ecosystem NFTs & Coins, Merchandise & much more!
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