What is $XXX token?
Find out more about the $XXX token
⚜️ $XXX (name will be announced later) is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the main utility token and the token used when playing in an The Rainbowland Metaverse. It will be launched in June of 2022.
⚜️ Players will be able to use $XXX token to access exclusive experiences, items, perks, content and more within The Rainbowland Metaverse. These tokens will be given to the owner of Land & Estate a player is playing in, in exchange for the specific experience, items, perks, content, host businesses and more.
⚜️ In future we will make the integration of the $XXX token with Land & Estate in such a way that nearly any in-game experience, perk, item or access to content can be created by Land & Estate owners and require $XXX tokens from players in their Land & Estate in order to access or participate in such content.
⚜️ Additionally, $XXX will be required for purchasing optional, custom The Rainbowland Metaverse character NFTs, and may sometimes be required for unannounced global The Rainbowland Metaverse perks and content in the future.
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