Staking & Rent for The Rainbowland Metaverse holders
Details on The Rainbowlands Metaverse staking rewards and Lands & Estates renting

⚜️ Overview

Staking of The Rainbowlands Metaverse Lands & Estates provides owners a way to lock up supply and earn $XXX token while further benefitting the overall ecosystem of The Rainbowlands Metaverse.
Additionally, Lands & Estates owners can stake their property and while staked make it available for rent.
Owners set their monthly price to rent their staked NFT Lands & Estates in $XXX token. Renting is optional for staked worlds.

⚜️ Staking

There are XXXXXXXXXX (35%) total $XXX tokens locked up for distribution as staking rewards over a target timeline of 5 years.

⚜️ Renting

Lands & Estates that have been staked can be enabled for renting by the owner.